Group 2 – Extension and Veil

Group memebers:
Andjelka Markovic (Faculty of Architecture)
Jelena Stojic (Faculty of Architecture)
Sasa Pavlovic (The College of Textile – DTM)




The district Savamala is one of the oldest in Belgrade and the ambiance and the architecture of the space reflects the life lived and time passed. But today it experiences a interesting phenomena. The whole place is completely transformed by night. The firm architecture is ‘clothed’ in different colors with a simple linear element – fluorescent tube that gives it an instant but temporary change of character. The tube, although small and light, comparing to the structure beneath, manages to change the whole surface of the facade.

This situation motivated and inspired us to make a two part design. First, a little black dress that has a deep routed place in the fashion industry (the buildings) and second, a linear element of clothing that requires the dress underneath (fluorescent tube). The linear element is made of a material that has the ability to change the character of the dress but leave it visible. It absorbs and reflects the light of the environment  and although it is light and see-trough it gives the dress a new dimension.






The dress is like the formal appearance of Savamala – always there and fashionable. But the shawl is like it’s spirit – always on the move, always changing.

During the day the linear element – the shawl – reflects the sunlight but absorbs the colors of the surroundings.


Photography: Andjelka Markovic
Model: Narnah Ruhwanya
Location: Geozavod neighborhood, Savamala


During the night, due to different lighting, or lack there of, it responds to it completely. It both reflects and absorbs it.


Photography: Dijana Arandjelovic
Model: Ana Paunovic
Location: Geozavod neighborhood, Savamala