Group 3 – Shadow Lines

Group members:
 Ani Doraku (Department of Art & Design)
 Kejsi Çaushi (Department of Art & Design)
 Sadmira Malaj (Department of Urban Planning)
 Xheni Sauli (Department of Art & Design)

The line is an element which can be seen everywhere, and it is exactly that line that creates different contexts in the city. In the chosen study area this line creates a quadratic system . Strong elements of the area join this line, converting it into a continuous shadow line, just like a hidden system.

This is where our sketches derive from. Taking all the sketches in a kind of collaboration with each other, we came up with a pattern. In order to create a dynamic of lines/ silhouettes, we chose the structure of “Dajti Hotel”.

Its typical characteristic is the exposed structure and the wall painted in mosaics. These two characteristics are also seen in our costume/dress. Different layers create most of the shape of the dress, forming a kind of game between the color and shadow . The net is a symbol of the exposed structure of Dajti Hotel building.

In the end , our costume/dress is a symbol of the hidden system by lines and shadows in the city of Tirana.