Group 4 – Stained

Group members:
 Eda Qokaj (Department of Art & Design)
 Kristiana Belle (Department of Art & Design)
 Megi Kadin (Department of Art & Design)

As we aimed to transform architectural parametres and urban space of Tirana into fashion design products, we chose to focus on two religious buildings such as: the Catholic Church and the Mosque of Tirana. We tried to catch mostly the details of the buildings espcially stained glasses, floral details of the mosque, and mixing all these with some elements from the greenery around Tirana.

We designed the dress by using different fabrics and tools such as colorful or tranparent fabrics, buttons, golden spray etc. The whole structure of the dress is inspired by the shape of the window of Cathedral’s facade. The dress is as simple, as the facade is, with simetrical golden lines- while the whole decoration is concentrated on the cape.