Group 6 – 2 in 1

Group members:
 Anxhela Muco (Department of Art & Design)
 Flavia Sofar (Department of Art & Design)
 Suzan Mborja (Department of Art & Design)
Elio Kasa (assisting in concept development)

Final design was inspired by 3 buildings in Tirana: “TID” (concept of the fasade), “Twin Tours” Tirana (full-empty and colors) and the “Pyramid”(graffiti).

“2 in 1” looks like a simple two colored dress (blue and beige). However there is a small twist: it can be transformed into a blouse by folding up. This was inspired by TID building’s facade “mechanism” – using small buttons this was transposed directly on the garment. In folded position it is a blouse that unifies colors of fabric with graffiti, in unfolded position it is a dress that reveals clean textile, empty from graffiti colors.