Ke Yin: Footprint

material: textile fabric, clips, watercolour, paper

Design development:

By looking at the habits of my client, Mia, and places, I decided to connected her identity with the concept.

Initial sketches:

Design process:
I decided to further work on the fourth sketch. I took the shape of the Footscray for both parts of the outfit—top part to emphasize some elements of Footscray, and bottom part to emphasize the shape of the body.

On the top part, I drew the main streets in Footscray, and cut out the shape of places of frequent visits by my client. The top is easy to wear in different ways.

For the bottom part, I also used the Footscray shape not only for the main skirt pattern but also to make pockets in bright colours as a reference to pop art, art style my client likes. Images on the pockets also emphasize all the places that are relevant to her.