Matilda Prendergast: Aprotote


The concept ‘Boundary Between Contrast’ focuses on the ‘in betweens’ of both boundary and contrast and whether or not they can be seen as one. Boundaries are made to be broken as people are constantly striving to challenge and push them further to move outside the normalities. They usually have a purpose and function but can be altered and manipulated.

My user, a 24-year old Australian girl, works at her family run Fruit and Vegetable shop in Footscray. A long family history within the business, my client works proudly during the week and on weekends enjoys leisurely activities like most 24-year-old girls. As part of her requirements, my client for a garment that would benefit her work, as well as her lifestyle. Thus I have created this versatile object.


I was given 5 specific requirements from my client – including versatility, materiality, colour, innovation and recycled elements. When developing the design I was constantly referring back to my concept of “boundary between contrast” and thought about how each of these would fit within that concept diagram. As you can see by this diagram I have been able to address each of the requirements within the concept with specific detailed elements.

I began to investigate different apron designs and what techniques of fastening and design structure would best suit my transformable concept.

Final design schema:

I have created a versatile bag that allows the user to transport items of need with her to work, with the ability to transform it into her workplace apron.