Melbourne Dress Me Up workshop is looking for participants

What is “City Dress Me Up”?

“City Dress Me Up” is a part of Danica Karaicic’s PhD research project “Perception of Space: The Body Between Architecture and Clothes” which aims to examine changes of the spatial perception of clothed (dressed) body in architectural space. “City Dress Me Up” is an interdisciplinary project primarily designed for architecture and fashion design students. The concept of the project is based on a series of workshops in different cities/countries that started with a pilot workshop in Belgrade, Serbia—“Belgrade, Dress Me Up!”. In these workshops, participants use the elements of architectural and urban space they encounter in the city in designing clothes and accessories. In “Melbourne, Dress Me Up!” participants will convert their sensorial experience of the chosen part of Melbourne to a design process. The entire project is orientated towards research based on practice and design. “Melbourne, Dress Me Up!” is the third workshop in the series.

The “Melbourne, Dress Me Up!” workshop is an extracurricular activity.

Who are we looking for?

Students of (1) the final year of Bachelor studies, (2) Honours, or (3) Master program in the arts, architecture, urban design, fashion or costume design:

  • Interested in exploring questions about relationships between body, clothes and city;
  • Willing to collaborate in cross-disciplinary groups, with other students from different creative fields

Workshop is divided in two parts:
(1) concept development
(2) production
Students are expected to work in groups of 3-4. Total number of participants: 18-24
Workshop will be organised as follows:
a) city walk (a walk-through of previously chosen part of Melbourne; individual collection of sensorial data-sensory archive, with an emphasis on a sense of vision and haptic senses)
b) archive talks and concept development (group discussion of collected visual and other material namely photos, videos, sounds etc., relating to the city walk; group members work on ideas relating to architectural and urban elements and how they can be transformed into clothes and or/accessories).
c) clothes production (groups are working on clothes designs, patterns, constructions and sewing)
d) photo sessions (photo shooting and preparation of photo-material of final designs)
e) final presentation (exhibition of student work)


You can read more on the “City Dress Me Up” project and previous workshops at

Before you decide if you would like to take part in this research project please find more information about this PhD research and “City Dress Me Up” project, in Plain Language Statement here.

If you are interested in joining the workshop please contact Danica Karaicic: to get more information. If you wish to apply, please send a brief portfolio (max 5 MB) of your practice and/or designs.

This workshop will be held at the Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne (Southbank campus), 29-30 January and 5-9 February 2018. The exact location will be announced later.