Melisa Kandie: Adorned


Journey through Footscray at peak hour 5:30 pm. I walked down on Barkley road down towards Maribyrnong River. I was inspired by the elements in the “city” engaging my senses in this walk I saw cars, buses and motorbikes in stuck in the rush hour traffic. The smell of the different cuisines, hair products and garbage stood out as I walked past the mall and surrounding streets.

Elements pick out during the journey: colour, form and texture representing the different layers of Footscray. Nothing the constant back and forth of old and new “DÉJÀ VU” in the buildings, paint, billboards etc…

Her interests and daily/weekly routine, combining the two and making a garment that incorporates her love for crochet/love for Grace Jones and a reflection of her Ethiopian heritage and culture.

These inspired and informed the key decisions on the garment Grace Jones – her experimental and exploration. The Ethiopian heritage looking at the colours of the flag and the sentimental value behind them, the embroidery and value for their hair and love for jewellery. Her respect for her religion – Christianity.


Final design: