Weiwei Que: title for your design

material: leather, silk, gauze, wool, tree bark, plastic film, safety pins

The archive of Footscray district was mainly the interaction between natural surrounding and rumbling area, which embodies the busy, high-pressure life. From the documentation of the texture in Footscray, I was expressing the contrasts/senses through distinct materials. HOW DID YOU CONNECT YOUR DESIGN WITH YOUR USER’S REQUIREMENTS??? THAT WOULD BE NICE TO SHOW TOO

The first material I used was leather. I was trying to create the form/ shapes based on the original pieces (do you want to say here: based on the found shape of the piece of leather???). 

Then I attached the wool and tree bark to the marginal part of the leather piece (I think this can be left out). To echo each other, I also attached the plastic film with safety pins. 

After this, I added two layers of fabric which are: silk and light gauze, to give the client the protection of neck and arms.

The final outcome was the garment that reflected the varied texture of the Footscray area.