Yating Wu: title of the project

material: linen fabric, hemp rope

I decided to make an interactive wearable object and to ensure that it responds to my client concerns and requirements: she likes natural colour, uses soft, breathable fabric, and she looks for some kind of equilibrium for the body.

I chose linen and hemp rope as my main material. On the back of the dress, I created some random loops with the purpose to allow the rope to pass through. 

Carry on the wearable object ease stand for long, bend over the shoulder the acid back pain, equilibrium model body, returning perfect shape, rapidly improve image temperament. Prevent the habitual bent down, including humpback due to incorrect posture in spinal pain. The user can choose different coloured ropes that as the moon dictated to match the versatile natural colour. When she doesn’t need the tight rope to bind herself, she can pass through it in a relaxed way. Make it feel different. The variability of objects matches the concept.