Belgrade Dress Me Up

Belgrade Dress Me Up (2014) is the first in the series of workshops that will take place in several cities, in different countries.

Starting point of transformation of architectural and urban parameters is the area of Savamala, lately discussed quite a lot among architects as the place of great cultural potential and also as the part of new controversial urban plan (“Beograd na vodi”) for coastal area of Belgrade. Students are encouraged to visit Savamala and create personal visual archive, which will be used as the starting point for their further work (first phase).

Second phase of the workshop is analysis of archives between group members aiming at concept development – what are the architectural-urban parameters that will be used in product design, how are they translated from architecture into clothes, what is the final product.

Third and the final phase is designing the final garment or accessory – working on sewing patterns, construction and sewing garments.

Students are working in 3-member groups.

group01_aGROUP 1:
Marko Ilijev (The College of Textile – DTM)
Sasa Stevic (The College of Textile – DTM)
Tatjana Ivanovic (Faculty of Architecture)
group02GROUP 2:
Andjelka Markovic (Faculty of Architecture)
Jelena Stojic (Faculty of Architecture)
Sasa Pavlovic (The College of Textile – DTM)
group03_bGROUP 3:
Borislava Ivankovic (Faculty of Architecture)
Damjana Lojanicic (Faculty of Architecture)
Stevan Bozanovic (The College of Textile – DTM)
group04GROUP 4:
Andjela Nikolic (Faculty of Architecture)
Luka Pavlovski (The College of Textile – DTM)
Milica Vostic (Faculty of Architecture)
group05GROUP 5:
Kristina Savic (The College of Textile – DTM)
Miroslava Manojlovic (The College of Textile – DTM)
Strahinja Petrovic (Faculty of Architecture)