Group 1 – Morphosis

Group members:
 Ambra Ymeraj (Department of Art & Design)
 Arnold Bllaca (Department of Art & Design)
 Prishila Gjeci (Department of Art & Design)
Sara Trebicka (Department of Art & Design)

Morphosis is inspired by”Dajti Hotel”, which was our first attraction. It’s an old building with many characteristics, which now-days has come to degradation.

We decided to choose the facade of the right side, where we noticed many contrasts consisted in”colors”(grey vs yellow) “shapes” (rounded and angled windows) and “textures”.

So we wanted to transmit these kind of contrasts in the clothing we created. The result is a grey garment (as the basic piece) and 3 fragments attached to the main fabric.

Certain movements give to the garment different imagery and functions.