Group 4 – Fabric Experiment

Group memebers:
Andjela Nikolic  (Faculty of Architecture)
Luka Pavlovski (The College of Textile – DTM)
Milica Vostic (Faculty of Architecture)



slika 1

The impression from Savamala district was changing of materiality during time, like :  layering, peeling off, decomposing, curving, breaking, getting dirty…. We wanted to show these transformations/changes throughout manipulation of textile/fabric qualities.

slika 2

We used only one type of fabric, and tried to change its structure, texture, appearance, consistency. We experimented with methods of riving, peeling off, rasping, burning, melting, and treated the textile with the substances like paraffin, coal, acid, alabaster…

slika 3


slika 4

treating textile with paraffin

slika 5

treating textile with acid

slika 6

The result of experiment was the garment that represented the variability of materiality of Savamala.

slika 7



slika 8

Photography: Luka Pavlovski


Photography: Petar Mitrovic, Luka Pavlovski
Model: Tamara Tatalovic
Location: Spanish house, Garden cafe/restaurant “Ludost”, Savamala