Group 5 – Pharaohs of Galaxy

Group members:
 Kevina Sejati (Department of Art & Design)
 Merilin Tota (Department of Art & Design)
 Remona Salianj (Department of Art & Design)
Semi Zoto (Department of Art & Design)

We were inspired by the Pyramid in the center of Tirana to design our garment. The pyramid: International Center of Culture (Albanian: Piramida) is a structure and former museum in Tirana, Albania, that opened on October 14, 1988. Formerly known as “Enver Hoxha Museum”.

The dynamic structure of the building inspired us to create triangles and later attach them on a very tight and long pencil-skirt, which makes walking very difficult. The reason why we designed a very slim skirt is because of a small conclusion that we achieved while we were studying our area: people like to climb on the pyramid, and it is very difficult to do so; and also people like spending time in the interior of the pyramid, which is almost is impossible…

The triangles that are attached to the skirt are painted in graffiti, because the scars that you can find on top of the pyramid inspired us. The pencil skirt is designed to be grey to interpret the coldness of stone. The same method we followed to make the nickles.