Nazanin Akbarian: Dormant Flow

material: polyamide fabric, acrylic spray paint, polyester strap


During the walk through assigned neighborhoods of Helsinki, the most interesting elements for me were the neglected areas and imperfect ornaments which are not so common in Helsinki. Mainly urban areas in Helsinki are kept clean and neat, while when you go deeper than the surface, you can see interesting effects and phenomenon. Through my walk I found the areas under the bridge in Merihaka and its surroundings with its specific aesthetic, the skate boarding atmosphere, graffiti, rough duct tape around the electricity boxes as a temporary repair, movements and reflections of water under the aged wooden surface of the bridge, all and all are making unexpected interesting sensorial experience and gravitate me towards them. For me, these are the elements which make the area genuine and give it a character.


I am interested in unexpectedness, especially when it comes to aesthetic. Transformations are always appealing—they create amazing effect out of halt states. I am amazed by reckless details in serenity of perfect construction. Diversity makes the experience authentic. Restriction gain a bolder meaning when juxtapose with fluid states. Just like when body movements are restricted by bondage. My body movement makes the garment to react to my body, while at the same time the garment restricts my movement, just like how the urban spaces restrict body movement through the city by creating fear and stopping from going forward in some situations or creating the braveness to move forward and embracing new experiences in urban areas.